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Government Primary School BALA DHARA, Kotli

Government Primary School BALA DHARA, Kotli
Ref No: 5005971
Province: Azad Kashmir District: Kotli
Tehsil: Kotli Gender: Boys
Level: Masjid Maktab School Organized By: Government Of AJK
Classes Offered: Primary Phone No: N/A
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Boys School

Such Schools Where Only Boys Can Get Study. Also known as Single-gender education, is the practice of conducting education where Boys and Girls students attend separate classes or in separate buildings or schools

Masjid Maktab School

 Masjid Maktab is ironically the most important and at the same time most neglected institution of primary education. Maktab is an Arabic word meaning elementary school for teaching children in Islamic subjects. Until the 20th century, boys were instructed in Quran recitation, reading, writing, and grammar in makaatib, which were the only means of mass education.

 A wide-ranging study of the centrality of the mosque to Islamic education in Pakistan emphasizes Islamic educational traditions, the historical background of such education, the obstacles to educational improvement in Pakistan, and the attempt to provide universal primary education. Traditionally, the Prophet Mohammad and the Holy Quran have been sources of knowledge, inspiration to further education, and Islamic principles. They thus provide a foundation for traditional Islamic educational institutions such as the Kuttab (for elementary education), the mosque, and private scholars. Conventional schools, however, have proved incapable of resolving such representative problems as illiteracy, low enrollments, and high costs and dropout rates. To remedy these ills, Pakistan's New Education Policy of 1978 proposes the exploitation of the mosque's traditional educational role. Though more research is needed, the enduring centrality of the mosque in education suggests its importance as an instrument for educational improvement and the spread of literacy in Pakistan.

Government School

Government schools are schools that are provided by state and federal funding.Government schools, are schools mandated for or offered to all children by the government.

Classes Offered


Typically, primary education (First five years of school are referred as primary.) is provided in Primary schools, where the child will stay in steadily advancing classes until they complete it and move on to high school.

Primary education which marks the start of formal education in a child’s life begins when a child turn to around 5 years of age. First five years of school are referred as primary.


Government Of AJK

To embark AJ&K upon the path to help the people of AJ&K become highly educated, skilled, fully employed and prosperous by providing quality education envisaged to create numerous economic opportunities.

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